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Covid impacted the health care industry drastically and challenged hospitals' emergency capacity.  The rapid volume transformation exposed the need for change in standard processes and the limitations in prioritising acute care over standard procedures. In hindsight, the pandemic pushed hospitals to make digital leaps that otherwise could’ve taken even a decade to deliver.


Today, digitalisation brings a massive transformation to care at the same time as old hospitals are totally renovated and new hospitals are arising all around the Nordics. It is a complex task for the industry as the future demands for hospitals to shape into institutions that deliver efficient high value care with technology and digitalisation in its core.


In future hospitals care delivery has better flow and processes, which brings cost savings and better customer experience. Future care is attached to wellbeing and prevention, rather than just responding to illnesses. Long-term solutions in prevention, remote monitoring, early diagnoses and detection are key in the personalised care of the future causing a decrease of inpatient services, changing the workload of the staff and bringing new opportunities for hospital spaces.


As these future visions are already ongoing and impacting, by overlooking the bullet train of change, you'll be trying years to catch up. With new and latest insights, join us in being in the forefront of change.


Welcome to Future Hospital Nordic 2021.

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Peter Gocke

CDO | Charite University Hospital

As Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Peter Gocke drives the coordinated digitization and integration of administrative, clinical and scientific processes in The Charité Berlin. Gocke's task is to advise the board of directors on digital transformation and, in consultation with the departments involved, to develop a corresponding strategy and plan for its implementation. 

Gocke previously worked as radiologist, chief information officer and head of the IT division at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, and as director of IT and process management for the medical-diagnostic service provider Amedes in Hamburg.  

Peter Gocke.png

Peter Gocke

Bruno Holthof

Bruno Holthof

CEO | Oxford University Hospital

Dr Bruno Holthof is Chief Executive Officer of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  Bruno holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an MD/PhD from the University of Leuven.  Before becoming a CEO, Bruno was a partner at McKinsey & Company.  During this period, he served a wide range of healthcare clients in Europe and the United States and gained significant expertise in the areas of strategy, organisation and operations.  Before moving to Oxford in October 2015, Bruno was CEO of the Antwerp Hospital Network, transforming it into the most profitable hospital group in Belgium

Ernst Kuipers

CEO | Erasmus MC, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam

Ernst Kuipers trained in gastroenterology and hepatology. He was appointed as a member of the Executive Board on 1 December 2012 and has chaired the Board since 15 March 2013. He was educated in the Netherlands (in Groningen, Enschede, Deventer and Amsterdam) and, after obtaining his PhD, spent several years working in Nashville, USA. He was appointed as a Professor of Gastroenterology and Hepatology and head of our Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in 2000, and in 2006 also became head of the Department of Internal Medicine. Among many other things, he was the driving force behind the launch of the national bowel cancer screening programme. The combination of his academic interests and his managerial experience in a wide range of international organisations and committees has given him a broad outlook on both national and international issues, as indeed he needs in order to perform his duties as chair of the Board.

Ernst Kuipers

Danny Ruta

Danny Ruta

Clinical Artificial Intelligence Lead | Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Danny is the AI Clinical Lead at the Guy’s Cancer Centre, which is partnering with the newly established AI Evaluation Unit at the King’s Technology Evaluation Centre (KiTEC), King’s College London, on the clinical evaluation of AI technology in cancer care. Danny has formerly held posts as Director of Public health for the London Borough of Lewisham and the City of Newcastle, and as Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Health Services Research at Newcastle University and Dundee University. Danny has developed national clinical guidelines for the NHS in Scotland, conducted large randomised trials, and developed Patient Reported Outcome measures recommended by the US FDA, used with patients across the NHS in England and throughout the world.

Marte Lauvsnes

Manager, Advisory and Planning Department | Sykehusbygg/Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency

Marte Lauvsnes is manager for the department for advisory and early phase planning. Educated as intensive care nurse and worked with hospital planning all over Norway and also abroad in Helsebygg, SINTEF, Medivi and Sykehusbygg for the last 24 years. Marte chair the European Health Property Network and is in the program committee and jury for the European Health Design Conference in London each year.

Marte Lauvsnes.jpg

Marte Lauvsnes

Tomas Borgegård

Tomas Borgegård.jpg

Tomas Borgegård

Innovation Program Manager | Karolinska University Hospital

Tomas is currently working as Innovation manager at Karolinska University Hospital. With more than ten years in pharma R&D and for the last eight years working in public Healthcare Tomas has deep insight into the entire R&D and Innovation processes from both industry and public sector. In the role of Innovation manager Tomas has established and supported partnerships and collaborations between industry, academia, and healthcare, in areas such as cell therapy, radiology, digital transformation and AI. Since the last five years with a focus on Innovation procurement and Innovation strategy to accelerate co-development and clinical implementation of new technologies. In 2017 Tomas initiated the project ‘Integrated AI Diagnostics’ (I-AID) which specifically aimed at accelerating implementation of AI in public healthcare.

Martina Ahlberg

Innovation Program Manager | Karolinska University Hospital

Martina’s background is in medical tech industry with management positions within business development and change management. During past 9 years Martina has been involved in a large number of PCPs (Pre-Commercial Procurement) and PPIs (Public Procurement of Innovation Solutions) at the Stockholm City Council and Karolinska University Hospital. Her focus has been on enabling innovation in healthcare, by continuously developing and leading execution of procurement of Innovation, both from a strategic perspective as well as tactical and operational.

Peter Lanbeck

Manager, Program Office | New SUS

Peter Lanbeck, MD. PhD, is a specialist in infectious diseases and former Head of Department of Infectious Diseases at Skane University Hospital Sus. Since 2016 he is manager at Skane University Hospital for Program office new Sus. The program office is responsible administrative body at the hospital for  development of new hospital facilities. Currently a new building is under construction in Malmö with 108 000 sqm for care an 28 000 sqm for logistics and lab.

Per Karlsson

Chief Physician | Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Per Karlsson holds a position as full Professor of Oncology at Sahlgrenska Academy, combined with a position as Senior Consultant in Oncology and Chief Physician at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. As Chief Physician he is a medical adviser in the management group of Sahlgrenska University Hospital and responsible for the quality program and for introducing direct communications between patients representatives and the management group in a newly constructed form called “Patient forum”

Visa Honkanen

Director of Strategic Development | HUS, Helsinki - Uusimaa Health Care District

Helsinki University Hospital provides specialty level health care for more than 1,5 million people. The goal is to become a digitally enhanced lean organization. Visas own focus is in ehealth and digitalization, and to bring machine learning into the daily work of our health care professionals. 


Tarja Laitinen

Director of Research | Tampere University Hospital

Dr Tarja Laitinen is the Director of Research at Tampere University Hospital since 2018. Before that she has held several positions in the academia and biotech industry: Chief Physician and Professor in Respiratory Diseases at Turku University Hospital, and the CSO and co-founder of the BioHealthCareInformatics Company Geneos Ltd. She has actively participated in the development of Biobank Research and Clinical Informatics in Finland for several years.

Petri Pommelin

Head of Development | Tampere University Hospital

He has 30 years’ experience of risk management related to design, manufacture and use of medical devices.


Since 2006 his main focus area has been risk management and safety culture related to health care services.


His aim is to help and support health care professionals to identify and manage the daily risks by preventive actions.

Erik Fosse

Head of Department | The Intervention Centre, Oslo University Hospital

Erik Fosse is a board certified specialist in general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery. He is professor of surgery at the University of Oslo and head of the department of  Intervention Centre which is a research and development department at Oslo University hospital. The centre is a toolbox for the development of new advanced medical procedures. Erik Fosse is also general director of NORWAC, a humanitarian organization and previous chair of the Human factors and medicine panel of the Science and technology organization in NATO. Fosse is also founder and CEO of the company Cardiaccsas, developing motion sensors for cardiac monitoring

Petri Virolainen

Hospital Director | Turku University Hospital

Petri Virolainen Ph.D, M.D. is a specialist in general surgery and orthopedics and traumatology. He has served as hospital director of Turku University Hospital since 2014. He has publications on reconstructive surgery and quality registers. He works in several expert groups considering the use of value based medicine in hospital management.

Kenneth Holm

Vice Director | Nyt OUH

Kenneth Holm is the Vicedirector of Nyt OUH, he has specialized experience in planning, designing and executing hospital projects. With a hospital project portfolio of more than 1,2 mia euro he has been responsible for some of the big hospital projects in Denmark. His stated goal is to contribute frame better, patient centered, health care facilities that contains the needed flexibility to adopt to future changes. “The world of health care, changes faster than we can manage, plan, draw and build it – therefore one of the key elements, for future hospitals, is flexibility.”

Stefan Lundin

Project Manager | New Emergency Hospital Växsjö

Stefan is a civil engineer in road and water and comes most recently from Hifab AB, where he has worked as a senior project manager for the Highland Hospital in Eksjö.


The project manager's task is to have the cohesive responsibility for the project. And to lead the project management office consisting of resources in the form of finances, follow-up, investigation, administrative support and project manager for each subproject.

Jyrki Jalkanen

Operational Services, Service Director | Central Finland Health Care District

Present position: Director of Operative Services, Hospital Nova, Central Finland Hospital District, Jyväskylä, Finland


Education: MD, PhD, Docent in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Juha Kinnunen

Juha Kinnunen is a part-time professor of health administration at the University of Eastern Finland and the CEO of the Central Finland Hospital District. Kinnunen received his doctorate in health care from the University of Kuopio in 1990. After his dissertation, he has worked not only at the University of Kuopio, but also at the University of Oulu and as a visiting researcher in the United States (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management).

Director of Health Care District | Central Finland Health Care District

Minna Nordahl Friehling

Head of department | New North Zealand Hospital – Transformation

Minna is responsible for the transformation project related to one of the new and most significant hospitals that is being built in in Denmark – New North Zealand Hospital in Hillerød. New North Zealand Hospital is characterized by its unique architecture and high visions for the future hospital. It calls for new ways of working, innovation and new technology. Minna Nordahl Friehling has been part of the hospital project since 2014 and been deeply involved in innovation projects and processes, planning of equipment for the new hospital and organizational transformation.

Per Bo Nørgaard

Plan Manager for  New Aalborg University Hospital Denmark 

20 years of experience with leadership, management, organizational development, process reengineering and innovation of healthcare, public organizations and cross sector collaboration.

Jane Rasmussen

Head of Innovation | Aalborg University Hospital

18 years of experience with health innovation and the translation of health research into novel health solutions to benefit hospitals, patients, society, industry and future research. With a strong focus on enabling need and value driven innovation through national and international collaborations. Hence, experience with both public-private partnerships as well as interdisciplinary and cross-sectional collaborations. In the recent 5 years focusing more on organizational strategy and development within health research and innovation.

Markus Rumpsfeld

E-health, collaboration and innovation center, Center manager | North Norway University Hospital 

Rumpsfeld is the head of the University of North Norway’s (UNN’s) newly established center for E-health, Integrative care and Innovation. The center has a clear focus on promoting and developing services that support the active patient, further developing UNN into an outward-looking hospital, making the patient experience seamless and where digitization supports under these goals.

At UNN, he and his team have developed services that systematically elicits patient needs, values and preferences translated into health goals, and encourage patient involvement

Rumpsfeld is a nephrologist and was head of the division for Internal Medicine from 2008-2020 at UNN before he took over his current position.

Marko Rauhala

Managing Director, Nordic Health & Public Services | Accenture

Marko leads Accenture Nordic’s Health and Public Service practice which partners with leading government and healthcare (private and public) organizations to innovate and deliver digital solutions to provide better citizen experience, increase efficiency and deliver better outcomes for citizens and patients. Marko is passionate about how Health and Public Services can be transformed by digital technologies and how they can improve the quality of life for citizens and patients and at the same time make services more affordable and accessible. He emphasizes the role of analytics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Teija Koskinen

Managing Director | Medikumppani

Teija is a transformational leader who is inspired by the people, their wellbeing and personal growth, a leader who also inspires the people to receive their goals.

With an experience of almost two decades on leadership within various industries such as private banking, IT, homecare and now healthcare staffing, Teija is convinced that staff wellbeing provides the firmest foundation for strong and sustainable business growth. This ambassador of emotional intelligence in leadership and healthcare strives for healthier and more balanced work life adding value at every encounter successfully.

Suhail Mirza

Chairman & Advisor

Suhail Mirza is the author of the LaingBuisson Healthcare Workforce & Recruitment UK Market Report 2021 which draws inspiration from his interviews with over 100 CEO’s and HR leaders in the NHS, Adult social care, Voluntary and Independent Hospital sectors. He has been involved in the UK recruitment and healthcare sectors for over 20 years. He is a well-known and respected figure with senior leaders in the staffing recruitment sector for his industry insight and experience. Suhail is chairman and advisor to group companies with nGAGE Specialist Recruitment and Empresaria Group Plc and was city editor at Recruitment International for over 12

Rachel Dunscombe

CEO | NHS Digital Academy

Professor Rachel Dunscombe is CEO of the NHS Digital Academy, Principal at Tektology and strategic advisor to the NCA Salford NHS Group. She provides advisory services to the Secretary of State for Health in the UK, is the health care representative on the UK government AI council and is associate digital editor for the BMJ. Through her academic work Rachel has received a visiting professorship at Imperial College, London.

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Planner, TYKS

Chief Strategy Officer,  Halland Hospital Group, Region Halland

Head of Business Development & Digital, Mehiläinen

Centre Director, eHealth Research Norway


Senior Political Advisor, Stockholm Region

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